Posted by: Jayme | December 19, 2008

Illinois Victory for Pharmacist Rights

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Illinois pharmacists who object to dispensing emergency contraception won another day in court to fight a rule they claim forces them to choose between their livelihood and conscience. ”

The Illinois Supreme Court agreed to hear an argument against the 2005 rule issued by Gov. Blagojevich that forced pharmacists to distribute the Plan B abortifacient pill, even if doing so violates their religious beliefs.  (See here for more information about that drug.)

When Gov. Blagojevich was asked about exceptions to this rule at the time it was made, he responded that pharmacists with moral apprehensions “should find another profession.”

Recent news about the Illinois governor makes me glad that I never looked to him for guidance in any moral decision.



  1. It blows my mind that this jerk who is dumb as a rock for trying to sell a Senate seat is telling doctors, nurses, and pharmacists that they should just throw away their vocation and “find another job” because a new law conflicts with their moral standards.
    My husband is a physician and we are very worried that the FOCA will leave him without a profession and a means of support for our family because he will not participate in abortion or ABC (artificial birth control). This is after 8 years of school, 2 residencies, 1 fellowship, and serving his country in the military for 17 years.

    Blaggo is the one who should be starting to hunt for a new job…

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