Posted by: Jayme | December 17, 2008

ANOTHER Indiana Planned Parenthood Undercover Revelation

CE has the story Another Indiana Planned Parenthood Caught Covering up Felony Rape about the same team responsible for exposing Bloomington’s Planned Parenthood office doing it again – this time in Indianapolis.

An Indianapolis Planned Parenthood counselor, after hearing that this 13 year-old was abused by a 31 year-old man, tells the girl that “Yeah, he, he is over such and such. And you can do statutory rape and whatever but it’s going to be in the papers.”   After this, the counselor advises her that she can circumvent Indiana’s parental notification laws by going to a  neighboring state to have an abortion.

You can watch the video on YouTube.

The Indianapolis Star reports Representative Jackie Walorski of the Indiana General Assembly today requested that the state attorney general investigate both the information revealed by the videos.

“When I saw the second one, I thought it was not an isolated incident; it was a pattern,” Walorski said. “This starts becoming an issue that’s worthy of a statewide investigation.”


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