Posted by: Jayme | December 13, 2008

A Great Source for Movie Reviews

If you’re planning to see a movie this holiday season (or any time after that), check out Steven Greydanus’  Greydanus is the film critic for the National Catholic Register, along with writing for Christianity Today and Catholic Exchange.  He’s also frequently featured on the radio program, Catholic Answers Live.

According to the About page on his site, Decent Films includes:

  • A rigorous but easy-to-use four-part ratings system that evaluates films for overall recommendability, artistic-entertainment value, moral-spiritual value, and age-appropriateness.
  • Robust new search options that allow the user to browse and search reviews by a wide range of criteria, including film title, genre, or any of the Decent Films ratings.
  • Ratings information from the Motion Picture Association of America and the US bishops Office of Film and Broadcasting.

I have come to trust Mr. Greydanus’ reviews.  I appreciate his commentary on movies’ moral victories and failures, as well as the artist’s eye that he brings to the reviews that he writes.  Take a look – may become a favorite of yours, too.


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