Posted by: Jayme | December 12, 2008

An Interesting Dichotomy in the News Cycle

During his World Day of Peace address,

Pope Benedict decried the tactics of developed countries that “make economic aid conditional upon the implementation of anti-life policies” to countries suffering from AIDS.  The message pointed out that developing countries with higher birth rates have a better chance to emerge from poverty, and concluded, “Population is proving to be an asset, not a factor that contributes to poverty.”

Meanwhile, rejecting the strategy of education, the UK launches a pilot program to distrubute pharmaceutical contraceptives to girls in their mid-teens without a prescription.  CE reports:

Though numerous studies have shown that teenage pregnancy rates are not reduced by easier availability of condoms, pills or sex education, the UK government seems bent on following the advice of prominent pro-abortion “family planning experts.”

The culture of life and the culture of death meet yet again – this time, it’s in the news cycle.


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