Posted by: Jayme | December 10, 2008

Why We Need a Conscience Clause

Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson

In yesterday’s Breakpoint Commentary, appearing today on CE, Tolerating Bigotry, Chuck Colson makes the point that new laws are needed to protect health care workers who refuse to violate their consciences.   He shares the unfortunate reaction that many on the left had to President Bush’s proposed regulations to “ensure that health care workers could opt out of performing abortions, or refuse to prescribe the “morning after” pill, without fear of losing their jobs.”

I especially appreciate his reflection:

If you dig deeply enough into these cases, you can’t help but realize that they are not about protecting access to abortion or the “morning after” pill or in vitro fertilization for lesbians; plenty of doctors and pharmacists provide them. Instead, they’re about forcing everyone, including religious believers, to shut up and follow the ideological line: that killing innocent babies and homosexual parenting are morally acceptable.

I would add that the Freedom of Choice Act, while it would cause sweeping deregulation of the abortion industry, is also about forcing that same ideology.

As a side note, Chuck Colson himself is a truly fascinating guy.  If you’re unfamiliar with his story, check out Colson’s brief bio from Prison Fellowshiop’s site.


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