Posted by: Jayme | December 7, 2008

Grand Duke in Shining Armor


As a young girl I had romanticized ideas about what the life of royalty was like, mostly based on fairy tales.  As I grew up and learned about real-life monarchs (often from tabloids in check-out lines) I became disenchanted.

Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Now as a grown up, I have a new royal to admire – Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg.  He is the only grand duke left in the world, and is the official head of state of a constitutional monarchy.  Also, he is about to lose his veto power  for standing up for the right to life.

As Reuters reports, his royal highness voiced his opposition of to a bill allowing euthanasia which was recently backed by their parliament.  In response to the Grand Duke’s statements the prime minister and parliament are planning to pass a constitutional resolution stripping him of his ability to veto laws.

I applaud Grand Duke Henri for standing up for his moral convictions even when the consequences are far from happily ever after.



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