Posted by: Jayme | December 3, 2008

The Baby’s Not the Only One Without Rights

Armstrong Williams wrote the post Abortion and the Rights of Fathers on the recent case of John Stachokus.  He had not pressured his 22-year-old girlfriend to have an abortion.  He was looking forward to raising this child with her.  They had already discussed names and possible godparents.  She was pushed to terminate her pregnancy by others, though, and she did so.  Stachokus did not lose his child without a court fight, but a Pennsylvania court confirmed that under Roe v. Wade, he has no rights.

My husband holds our firstborn, hours after her birth

My husband holds our firstborn, hours after her birth

Sitting here next to my drowsing husband, this story truly sickens me.  The case above would not have turned out any differently, from a legal perspective, had the couple been married.  Even now that I am 22 weeks pregnant, my husband (who often falls asleep feeling our second daughter kick my abdomen) has no legal rights if I chose to make a fatal “decision” for our child.

I’m blessed to be married to an amazing father.  How sad that Stachokus will not get the opportunity to parent his child.  How sad also that his experience is not unique.  Priests for Life’s Testimonials Page is full of the stories of men with similar experiences.  The abortion recovery organization, Rachel’s Vineyard offers a men’s page on their site.  These resources exist for men who, like abortion’s other victims, found themselves without a choice.


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