Posted by: Jayme | December 1, 2008

Week Without Abortion in Russian City

From November 24th-28th, the Southern Russian city of Novorossiysk held a “Week Without Abortion,” as reported by  Doctors in that city agreed not to perform abortions apart from the “most extreme cases” during that time.  With one of the world’s highest abortion rates, the lives of nearly 70% of unborn Russian babies are cut tragically short.  The declining population in Russia makes it one of the most sparsely populated nations in the world.

On Thursday Russia’s Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Shkolov shared that, “A very complicated demographic situation is emerging in Russia at present. The Russian population decreased by 116 thousand people from January to September and comprises 142 million.”

Although the headline to the article begins with the term Anti-Choice, it seems this week was actually all about giving women the opportunity to make informed choices, as the article itself indicated:

At the same time, Novorossiysk’s maternity welfare centre will hold open days during which information seminars on family planning will take place and “educational” films will be shown. Psychologists and gynaecologists will work with pregnant women in order to fully prepare them for motherhood. The city’s universities will screen films, demonstrating the detrimental effects abortions may have.  A representative of the city’s administration said that “doctors will do everything they can to stop women from doing the irreparable.”

That last line really hit me.  Just imagine if Russian doctors had done all they could to “stop women from doing the irreparable” before this week.  Maybe this nation suffering a population crisis wouldn’t have the highest abortion rates in the world, as recorded by the UN.  Possibly, fewer women would have been rendered sterile unintentionally (7-8% of Russian women who had abortion had this consequence, according to the same article that called this week “anti-choice”). Perhaps many of the 1,500,000 unborn children killed in 2006 alone may be alive.  Just imagine.


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