Posted by: Jayme | November 29, 2008

We are all one in Christ Jesus.

I feel encouraged and motivated after reading Rev. Dwight Longnecker’s Inside Catholic article, American Anti-Catholicism.  The title doesn’t sound inspiring, but the content is more about overcoming problems than dwelling on them.

He points out that the new Catholicism will come from liberals upset with Catholic perspectives such as those on traditional marriage and pro-life issues.  Having been an Evangelical and now a Catholic, and having dear friends and family members of both faith traditions I realize, as the article’s does, that now more than ever it is crucial that we embrace these similarities.  A look at the recent election results shows in some ways conservative Evangelicals and Catholics faithful to Church teaching may have more in common with each other than with many of those in their own denominations.

Unfortunately, during my own years as an Evangelical, I held a lot of misconceptions about Catholics and Catholic teachings.  I know I wasn’t alone.  Now though, since we are clearly fighting on the same side of the culture wars, it’s time to reach out to one another, and as Rev. Longnecker said, “work together in the fight for a culture of life.”


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