Posted by: Jayme | November 25, 2008

Why this budding abortionist changed her mind – and career path

The Washington Post wrote an in-depth (read long) article about why medical student Leslie Wojick changed mind about becoming an abortionist herself after shadowing such a physician and participating in a second

”]Third-year medical student Lesley Wojcik making rounds. (Karen Kasmauski) trimester abortion.  Instead, she is now pursuing plans for a career in anesthesiology.

I’d trim the article down to share a few key sections for you to get the main idea, but Jill Stanek has already done it.

Personally, the most disturbing part of the whole article (and I found it all to be upsetting) was the line in the last paragraph of the Post article, “Lesley still believed passionately in abortion rights.”  This follows her own description of the abortion she assisted in as a “process that she found disturbingly brutal.”  On second thought, maybe the most disconcerting part was that she meant the procedure was brutal for the mother, seeming not to notice the now-deceased patient.


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