Posted by: Jayme | November 24, 2008

Chinese baby saved from forced abortion after international pressure

A few days ago the Christian Post reported that 6 months pregnant Arzigul Tursun has been released by the Chinese government.  She had been held in a hospital for the past week, her third baby scheduled to be forcibly aborted.  She had escaped the hospital previously, only to have been brought back by her husband.  He did so because the government threatened to seize his family’s property if she did not have the abortion, and he was afraid of making his two daughters homeless.

This time, though, pressure from organizations and countries around the world fell heavily on Chinese officials, including from American congressmen Chris Smith (of New Jersey) and Joe Pitts (of Pennsylvania).

Congressmen Smith and Pitts should be applauded for their effort to help this poor family.  Their story raises a much bigger issue; forced abortions are occurring in China.  This one drew international attention, but how many go unnoticed by all but the family and God?

Suggestion: contact the office of your own member of the House of Representatives and let him or her know that you’re proud of

Congressmen Smith and Pitts, and hope that he or she supports the cause of life in the future.  Also, e-mail President-Elect Obama’s transition office, and let them know that you want the United States to continue to formally oppose China’s family restriction policy once he takes office.



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