Posted by: Jayme | November 20, 2008

“End of Life” Poster Child – Turned Right to Life Miracle

Haleigh Poutre
Haleigh Poutre

Check out Michelle Malkin’s article on The Miracle of Haleigh Poutre and the short but powerful video she posted.  This girl was beaten into a coma by her step-father, to then be pronounced by medical experts as being in a persistent vegetative state (PVS).  In 2005 the State of Massachusetts sued for, and won, the right to turn off Haleigh’s ventilator and remove her feeding tube.  The week before the Massachusetts Supreme Court issued this decision, however, a physician ordered a final round of tests. After the tests showed that her condition was improving the order was recinded. As you can see by the aforementioned video, she is very much alive, and continues to improve.

Her PVS misdiagnosis is not the one-in-a-million case one might think, however.  According to a study by the British Medical Journal, 43% of those said to be in a PVS were in fact misdiagnosed.  These weren’t just recent diagnoses, either.  Of those misdiagnosed according to this study, several had been, “had been presumed to be vegetative for longer than one year.”

As we move toward a national discussion of government run health care, we need to remember Haleigh Poutre.  She was failed not just by her own family, but by the government run Social Services Department and the highest court in her state.  Those who have fought with and for her have been the private sector employees of Boston’s Franciscan Hospital for Children.

It’s something to think about, or more precisely, someone to think about.


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