Posted by: Jayme | November 17, 2008

Here’s my plan…what’s yours?

To further the cause of life I plan to…

  • …keep informed by listening to news through christian and conservative radio.
  • …keep an eye on online watchdog groups and news services, such as Fox News Channel and Zenit, as well as on blogs such as several of those listed to the right.
  • …call my elected officials to the federal government whenever there is a vote on a life or family issue coming up.  I keep my Senators and Representatives local office numbers on my cell phone contact list, so I can call them whenever I hear about an issue that they will be voting on.  (They all have local offices as well as D.C. ones.  Calling the local office lets them know that you are a constituent, and not just someone calling the whole congressional switchboard.)  Find your official’s contact information at the House and Senate websites.
  • …call my elected officials to my state government whenever there is a vote on a life or family issue coming up.  (If you live in Ohio, click here to find your state Senator and Representative.  Otherwise, simply type your state’s name and then “state government” into your favorite search engine.)
  • use this information to help keep like-minded people around me informed, such as other members of my Catholic moms’ group, and my parish Bible Study.
  • involve my family in pro-life and pro-family activities – such as our parish program to help families with new babies by preparing and delivering meals.
  • most importantly…PRAY!

What about you?  Leave a comment sharing what you plan to do!



  1. Jayme, What a wonderful blog. It is quite informative and I pray more people take actions such as yours. I will also stayed informed and contact my Representatives. We canot let this go unheard. God Bless.

  2. […] For some ideas on what you can do, check out my permapost, Here’s my plan.  What’s yours? […]

  3. Hi Jayme, I found your blog on Tuesday after I posted my own trackback to the “Two Americas” article and then saw yours. Apparently there is a delay in displaying the tb’s, since yours was not showing when I began composing mine. Anyway, it seems that our blogs have a similar focus, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to add your link to my list. Thanks!

  4. There is also a petition being circulated at I received that information from an adoption agency, so I think it is fairily legitimate.

  5. Thanks for that. You’re right. The petition at is going to be more effective than many others because it asks for a first and last name and address, so that it’s possible to show that all the petitioners are real. As of now, there are over 250,000 digital signatures on it!

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