Posted by: Jayme | November 16, 2008

Is it the pro-life campaign…or movement?

After having lost so many battles on the pro-life front as a result of the recent election, I can’t help but look at the tactics of those who won on the other side – especially our President Elect.  The Obama campaign was so swift and effective in communicating it’s message and even changing hearts and minds.  They kept “on message,” and were unified from the leaders of the campaign down (often right down to national and local media coverage, but that’s another story).

So, in the fight against the culture of death, I’ve found myself looking for a pro-life leader to give me marching orders – a campaign director of sorts.  Many Catholics, like myself, have been closely watching the current Baltimore meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, hoping to find such direction there.  They’ve even been met with protesters, upset that the bishops didn’t show this kind of leadership before the election.

In a recent article on Catholic Exchange the founder of Priests For Life gives a different, and powerful perspective.  In answer to the question Who, then, directs the pro-life movement?, Fr. Pavone responded:

The answer is that the movement is not a single entity that anyone directs; it is a movement, which gives rise to many entities. It starts in the depths of the human heart and soul, moved by the call of conscience. It begins to take shape around the kitchen table and the telephone, the email and the coffee shop. It coalesces into county groups and parish committees, pregnancy centers and lobbying efforts.

It is the role of bishops to herald the Gospel of Life by their preaching, teaching, and stirring into flame the gifts of God in the hearts of the laity. They are a sign of Christ among us, proclaiming reconciliation for all who have had abortions. They are good shepherds and servants of the People of Life.

And it is to that people that the movement belongs.

I was looking for direction, but this reminder is leading me to a different place to start, the mirror.


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