Posted by: Jayme | November 14, 2008

Hoping (badly) that I was wrong

I think I was wrong.  My first reaction to the election results from November 4th was near despair.  As a mother, an expectant mother, and a pro-life woman, I thought my voice would fall only on deaf ears by the newly elected officials.  After all, I knew that President-Elect Obama had promised to sign the terribly misnamed Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).  All he needs is a congress sure to pass it.  Initially I thought that’s what happened, but now it seems I was wrong.

According to Free Republic, five of the newly elected democratic congressmen are on record as having a pro-life stance, and they join the 26 incumbent pro-life Democrats.  One of these represents my own district.  Republican congressmen have occupied a seat in the House of Representatives from my district for over 60 years, up until now.  John Boccieri’s election surprised me, knowing how so many of my neighbors feel about the life issue especially.  Then I was reminded that despite how much else we disagree on, new congressman has a pro-life position.

Some friends have told me that he’ll be put under a tremendous amount of pressure to vote along with his party on such issues as the FOCA.  That may well be the case, but he, along with 30 other members of Congress registered with the Democratic Party, ran on a pro-life platform.  Pressure won’t just come from party members in Washington for them, it will also come from the voters who elected them.  It will come from people like me.  After all, if Mr. Boccieri wants to be re-elected to an office so long held by pro-lifers, he will have a hard time betraying the positions, and in fact beliefs, he espoused during his own campaign.

My voice was not silenced after all.  Nor those of like-minded people in my district, as well as so many others.  Maybe I’m wrong this time, but then, that’s happened before.


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